The Computer says NO!

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Help is at hand when the person you usually ask about the Infor ERP system appears to have left the company!

So, the new year brings a new energy and you are busy building new reports from your ERP when “ERROR” appears out of the blue! What started as a simple exercise has now become extremely time-consuming as the colleague from down the hall, who had been here the longest and knew all the nuances and peccadillos of the ERP system, has had the audacity to leave!

How many of you have been in this situation? You have a great piece of technology that has grown over time to support many aspects of the business with planning and reporting and the software has been performing its function well, but it was purchased some time ago and has been customised and bent over time. Investigation reveals it to be an old version (no surprise there) and so there are no longer any relevant training courses and who knows where the manual is?

So now without the key personnel, (who no-one realised was “key” in terms of internal system support) it is a blocker to the business. Do you upgrade to the latest version so that training is relevant (but costly), or do you use this bump in the road to review the whole solution and look at brighter and shinier new technologies at this point?

Many companies find themselves in this situation, running older versions of software quite happily until the support infrastructure breaks down. It is not a catastrophic software failure (just an error), but the chain of knowledge of support that is the primary issue. At this point decisions need to be made. For many the idea of an upgrade or a migration is intolerable in terms of the perceived disruption to the business and anyway, it was working perfectly well till it broke (and don’t fix what ain’t broke!).

Ongoing support and maintenance are business essentials and a lack of support can really disrupt business whereas outsourcing this enables your team to be focused on the business, not the systems they use. Here at SubZero we regularly help companies running Baan IVc, and Baan V by providing them with detailed, job-specific training on the particular functionality that affects them.
Maybe we can help you avoid the “Errors” ahead of time with some role-based training? Contact SubZero ( and we will be delighted to discuss how we can provide training based on your user needs rather than an off-the-shelf training programme.

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