Process Break-Points & ERP Best Practice

Changing for the Better
At SubZero we are always looking to improve things…sometimes reacting to change, sometimes being the lever that changes inertia into momentum.   Everywhere, and in every business, change is more prevalent than ever…for you it could be that your routes-to-market have become more diverse, or you have shortened your supply chains, simplified your products or just expanded!  New ways of working means introducing different operational models and therefore new business processes.

People & Processes
Whilst your ERP system should be as automated as possible, few business processes are ever fully automated.  There are many examples of “lights-out” warehouses, but few (if any) “lights-out” offices!  There are always instances that require human intervention, either because the process is designed that way or to cope with the situation when an automated business process fails.  We refer to these human interactions as Process Break-Points. 

Optimum Efficiency
To maximise the efficiency of business processes, once you have optimised the actual process,  you then have to focus on all the other activities and implications where an automatic process needs human interaction.

Get the Whole Story
We have written a whitepaper on this topic called Process Break-Points and how to Unleash the Last 20% of Business Productivity.  The focus of this whitepaper is to consider how the workload at a Process Break-Point can be streamlined, what analytical tools and techniques can be used and how to assess the core capabilities of the ERP System or business application deployed to support the business processes. Click here to download a copy

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