Interim Consultant, Migration Support or Project Management – bring on the Professionals?

Hundreds of businesses work with legacy ERP solutions which are stable, bug free and need little or no maintenance.  However, as business demands increase, they face a common problem; do I extend, upgrade or replace?

The answer to this question can be a convoluted one as there are likely to be many internal forces at work and individuals with a vested or invested interest who have been working on the system for a long time who may be reticent and reluctant to change.  But change is good, and change is inevitable as in most businesses’ new routes and channels to market have emerged, supply chains have shortened with greater transparency provided by the internet and new ways of working are emerging as technology improves and streamlines common business processes.

But this doesn’t mean you need to subscribe to the rip and replace culture, as much of what you do today can be retained with a carefully thought out plan.

Perhaps you can gain more from your existing Infor ERP investment by using skilled application consultants who can eek out just that bit more value, extending the life and usefulness of your existing Infor Baan or BPCS solution while you take a long hard look at the alternatives?

So, when we are asked this common question, we recommend you have a Plan A and a Plan B.  This is not an either / or scenario but both.  Plan A looks at ways to enhance, extend and lengthen the life of your existing system. Giving you time for Plan B which looks at change over a more relaxed timescale.

Plan A

With an interim team of leading Infor Baan & BPCS professionals, your business can benefit from their experience to develop functionality that will extend the system life or support new processes. Together, you can review your processes, check system optimisation, data management and software modifications. Consultants can even provide bespoke training, knowledge transfer, technical writing and end user support.

Increasingly organisations are recognising the benefits of out-sourcing their support and here at SubZero we have our own help desk system allowing customers to log support tickets just the same as if the service was in-house, with dedicated support consultants who can be available 24/7.

Plan B

Meanwhile, you should embark on Plan B, in parallel, but without the pressure of a decision needed in the short term, as Plan A is taking care of business.


Here the focus is on core ERP requirements alongside projected workloads, potential streamlining of processes, future analytical requirements and the new version of your business and how that translates to system requirements to support the business of the future.


As technology moves at an ever-increasing pace there are literally thousands more solutions in market; from low-code enablers (which may be the way forward when they are fully tested and proven).

In our opinion, there is simply no substitute for experience and independent advice when looking at new ways of working, introducing different operational models and new business processes. Our recommendation would be to undertake Plan B with the assistance of a business process specialist who can take an aerial and independent view of how to optimise your business.

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